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In store include toy store more chlothes for that store include an include a store like a drive-through. Sry not being to pushy yet this will make more individuals need to purchase, individuals need progressively, similar to I need more. Try not to misunderstand me I LOVE this game no doubt. I’m so energized for the fate of this game!! multi year old no doubt a multi year old P.s. I wager you have been considering this!” money earned apps

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This application is exceptionally cool for kids and in any event, for somewhat more established children as well! It has numerous chances to do and it is rarely exhausting! It lets you utilize your extraordinary creative mind! I have a proposal, however. It is not much. You ought to have My PlayHome Resturant! That would be extraordinary! You’ll have the option to cook and have costumers! You should make that an application or something to that effect. Like perhaps call it something different and include an office for the mom or daddy to work in! This application is extraordinary and please consider my recommendation. 


So I believe this is an extremely wonderful game, love to play it constantly. In any case, from that point forward, I think it was the point at which I got MyPlayHome Stores, the things that I use have been vanishing and not returning. I’ve been playing this for a truly significant time-frame and I realize that the things used to be boundless, and they could return again at whatever point they were utilized or tossed in the junk can. I don’t have the foggiest idea whether it should do that now, or in the event that it is a glitch or something (Probably not a glitch, however something along the lines of that.) So if something’s incorrectly, if you don’t mind let me know! money earn apps


This is an extraordinary game however perhaps u could take a portion of my plans to make a game everybody could like and appreciate. I concur with one of the mothers who said that she has a kid that is incapacitated, I believe it’s an extraordinary thought to have a child in a wheelchair or a mobile stick! Possibly a vehicle as well, I generally need to imagine there in a vehicle heading to class or the store. What’s more, some more house too for the other family’s. Likewise there is just one lot of pjs for one child possibly more and a few fabrics for the infant! I trust u like my thoughts! Extraordinary game!! 


This game is AMAZING! I love it to such an extent! You have to add a few things to it ( there’s a ton) for it to be stunningly better! You need a toy store for the children, a Baby garments store, eateries , a pack store like for totes and stuff lastly work environments for the guardians! That would make it stunningly better! Besides on the off chance that you include vehicles, vehicle auto shop and a service station that you can go in and get stuff that would be great👍😃 “This is an astounding game it is incredible earn talk time app