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I realize you all are attempting your best and I figure you should keep making up thoughts like eateries and A Theme Park and I would truly like babies and I believe that there ought to be more garments And I think there ought to likewise be an occasion store and I would truly like it in the event that you would make more houses the following one you make You could include little children and infant stores that have buggies, toys, infant food, garments, and so forth. Perhaps structures that the guardians could work in. There ought to be a recreation center and cafés (cheap food places) shopping centers, and so forth. In the emergency clinic there ought to be props and having the option to put the swathes on the legs. There ought to likewise be multiple rooms and in excess of 6 individuals in the family. There ought to be more garments for each season. The game money earned apps

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I truly trust is a manor which I know is a ton to ask yet I figure it would be extremely decent thus a lot more recommendations please answer to this I actually So I love this game yet I haven’t been playing it on the grounds that there is the same old thing and it’s currently a touch of exhausting please hustle just a bit with an update or possibly another game or if your previously making another cause a declaration so we to have something to anticipate! Be that as it may, in the event that you mothers or children need an audit these games are THE best I unquestionably suggest purchasing these like 1million percent alright you got it! Yet, PLEASE get something new in the game! need to realize what you state yet perhaps the greatest thing that I’m going to state and afterward I’ve said on different Reviews is money earn apps


I love all the my playhome game however it would be decent on the off chance that you include more child things like refreshing the infant nursery in the second home,adding infant things like a vehicle seat,a stroller,a play pin,a bouncer,a rocker,a walker, an infant swing,a kiddie apron ,some pacifier,some diapers ,likewise would you be able to add new houses to the game including a house for the grandparents,can you include an airport,a mail office,more cloths,a store devoted to simply babies,some toddlers,a vet office,more pets,a airport,a get-away spot like the beach,a hotel,a restaurant,some teenagers,a senior residents area,a basement,a attic,a police headquarters ,and that’s only the tip of the iceberg  earn talk time app