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Please add these and more updates to buy android ratings MYPLAYHOME! I can’t wait until hospital on Thursday!” I can NOT wait for my play home hospital, I remember when the school came out and I was so happy, I was wondering if u could show pictures of some of the rooms of the hospital, like when I go on the game and it say in the corner”My Playhome hospital” I want it to show some pics like when the school was coming out u guys showed some of the rooms and if u guys showed some of thethe hospital rooms I would be able to be more calm for waiting for the hospital to. One our

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This game is so fun I’m ten and I still play it. I play this game every day. It is so fun. I just have some minor improvements. I think their should be a office for grown ups to work at. I also would love for their to be a car dealer. Because some times teachers need to drive home too! Back to what I was saying you should be able to move into whatever house you want. I really hope my improvements go into consideration because I will be the happiest person! ( not saying that I’m not lucky but I’m lucky their is a game named my playhome, get reviews app store school and store)!!

  • “Great game I love it!!!
  • I wish there was more like:
  • -Football stadium 
  • -Baseball stadium 
  • -Nail salon
  • -Pizza parlor 
  • -Car dealership 
  • -gas station
  • -More people
  • -The kids each have there own room
  • -Restaurant 
  • -Toy store
  • -Garage
  • -1 more car
  • -Club
  • I have more in mind.

This is by far one of the most amazing apps for children. I love listening and watching my kids use their imagination. This app is priceless!!!! The joy I get from just listening to my kids play.  Sometimes I join in on the fun too. My daughter plays the teacher, and mommy gets to be the student!!!! I love it!!!! Definitely a 5 star app!!! Have owned it for several years. My kids still love it. I just purchased the my school app for Christmas. Keep these apps coming!!!!

My 5 year old daughter LOVES this app!!! The developers update and add new features often. Adding the car was a big hit buy android review with her. She enjoys driving from one scene to another. She loves it and can’t wait for more! She would like to suggest adding family pets, a little sister, a vet clinic, dentist, and doctor/hospital 😊 She likes the ones other reviewers suggested too! Thank you for creating this awesome app!!! So glad we found these apps!!! I know that is a lot to ask but please try to make one of the features I listed. I will be looking for an update. Molly” “Excellent, excellent apps (My PlayHome, My PlayHome School, and My PlayHome Stores).