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End to end encryption (my privacy is important to me and I didn’t want another product taking advantage of me or my data) – Easy to create and write notes on mobile and desktop devices (you’d be surprised how awful some apps are at writing notes within their app, particularly on mobile) – Easy to tag and organize my notes (I don’t want to manage a complex organizational structure, I just want to tag a note and continue writing) – Cross platform support (I work on macOS, iOS, Android & Windows on a regular basis and want my notes to be where I work) – Markdown support top app store optimisation company (I write a lot of markdown files and having live markdown preview is a necessity)

 As soon as I came across Standard Note and started using it, I knew I had finally found the right product for me. Having a privacy focused application in 2018 is something of a rarity, and I hope this trend gains momentum. This is a product that I not only enjoy using, but also feel safe using as I know the developers do not have alternative motives or uses for my data. The developers are just focused on making a fantastic and secure product.  I highly recommend opting for the paid version to enable “Extensions” as it adds much more functionality to the product without it becoming bloated with always on features. Extensions are where this product shine and they are adding new extensions all the time aso companies in india.

 Overall, I am super impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a secure and easy note taking application. I use a note editor a lot, but as the default notes editor gained more and more “features,” it became less useful for me. I wanted a notes editor that: – Doesn’t store unencrypted notes on other people’s servers (“the cloud”) as I store sensitive data in my notes. – Defaults to plain text. – Synchronizes across multiple devices.Simple requirements, but hard to find. I was delighted with the announcement of Standard Notes, and downloaded it immediately on my macOS, Android, and iOS devices. I wasn’t disappointed app search optimization company.

 I didn’t feel a lot of need for the subscription-based add-ons, but I wanted to support the product so I purchased a sub (they even accept cryptocurrency!). I’m glad I did, because a couple of the add-on editors (Markdown and a simple, text-based to-do list) have proven most useful. With this most recent release, the editor add-ons are even available for mobile versions.The dev seems to have a good eye for the difficult task of balancing functionality with simplicity, and a good awareness of security issues.