Tricks to increase mobile app installs.

So, you have blasted out on your creativity power. With the most explicit concepts and unique innovations you had just carved out an amazing app ,one could rarely discover or compete with. Everything could not be more fine than what has been created. Perfect content, presentations, screenshots, description, noteworthy reviews, and an appealing app icon. Everything is well designed and is set for a great online app business. But alas! The number of downloads had not been able to reach even the nearest three hundreds. Well, what’s the use of innovation without proper excavation. The initial aims of every ostentatious app developer must be to position the app amongst the top 10,000 s but with a turtle rate of app downloads, possibility of something like that happening tends to null.

Under circumstances of null app installs, well stay high on your nerves, cause you really got to earn some money material incase by increasing app installs. A little effort might work miracles. So here is a short guide manual, about how to increase app installs.

The theory of App Store Optimisation (ASO)-

So, this rarely hard abbreviation basically determines app visibility. So, a higher rank of ASO will allow users an easy access to your app. ASO basically is affected by a few factors as positive reviews, an exquisite number of app downloads by app publishers , eminent positions for Impressive key words in the title, regional access and updated surveys over the number of users, and an impressive number of app starts to provide an identifiable ranking to the apps.

App icon- the visual hero.

It is quite mandatory that the app developer creates a really enticing app icon, that, creates a very important visual impression upon the users. So, the app icon must be an unusual recognisable feast to the eyes of the user while scrolling down the App Store. It must be a clear representation of the app content and concept.  Simple app icon is always appreciated.

The advertising guru- Social media.

Well, social media advertising is similar besides being attitudinally complicated. It shall clearly uphold the App and its related contents. Wise choice of the social media platforms and a smart angle of advertising is expected of the app developers. Platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube might surely aid. Well, excite your fans to a direct engagement with your app through the social media platforms.

Offline Advertising is an additional messiah.

The ad agencies might add on to your expenses but they are a sure shot to a perfect app advertising. Well, there are a number of ASO companies in Bangalore.

The aso companies in India have been doing well since the last few years. A good aso services company provide customized strategies to their clients Perhaps, Bangalore is a web hub of the country holding the top aso companies. So, definitely, readymade help in the advertising field is available in this part of the Silicon Valley of India.

Name and proper description-the mane.

Surely, an enticing name, but simple and short, clearly upholding the main contents of the app is expected of smart app developers. There must be a touch of uniqueness, but no copyright. Keep the character limit within 30.

Screenshots save the scene.

Collection of photos videos and the most appropriate screenshots save the game. The features of your app must clearly be depicted by the images and the screenshots. Well, suggested the most is, don’t let your users work their brains while analysing your app. Do the greater part of that in the presentation arena.


So above were the list of the clever tricks of accelerated app downloads. Well, abiding by these basic guidelines will be of great help. Better safe than sorry!!!.