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The subject not chose or don’t coordinate , like on the off chance that I am utilizing an exchange manufacturer I need an AppCompact Theme Giving getApplicationContext() where the name of the movement is required , again dialogBuilder , it needs ActivityName.this as contention rather than getApplicationContext() Most basic mix-up, invalid pointer , continue checking ide for admonitions , or android studio screen for invalid pointer , include an attempt get and even invalid pointer check to forestall it Parsing json exhibit and items , one of the most troublesome errands I think I have done. It is a craftsmanship to suit as per the information structure , objects present , chain of command of the key worth pair, wrong dealing with may bring about invalid pointer it can likewise happen in accurately composed (however profoundly recursive) programs.(java and android) we make design (profound and complex) that surpasses that pile of stage or virtual machine . recursive or a lot of design will make Stack flood blunder in Android app review service Product Reviews – Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores ...

at the point when a solicitation for memory is made that can not be fulfilled utilizing the accessible stage assets . principally utilizing bit map, display , etc.Application Not Responding (ANR)Mainly comes when you are making system function,or some long process.this will square UI Thread so client can not accomplish any work. to stay away from ANR read this and this One of the most serious issue regions as per practically everybody I addressed is memory the board. An application may be turning an excessive number of strings and absorbing memory assets or running on a framework that has an excessive number of applications open. 


The iterative application improvement process, with its consistent arrangement of continuous discharges, opens entryways for getting the opportunity to advertise with a base practical item and afterward improving it after some time, assembling a group of people. In any case, the loss of the customary programming lifecycle presents huge confusions as a result of conditions on the working framework and outsider APIs.The requirement for testing is self-evident, yet getting satisfactory inclusion, especially with the plenty of Android variants and gadgets, can be testing. There are test systems, however programming running on a server probably won’t show a similar exhibition restrictions. For instance, one string of an application may attempt to peruse a database simultaneously a subsequent string is attempting to change a similar database.