Quora for Business – Overcome these bias, or witness your downfall

A small scale business entrepreneur cannot spend much of his time in social media. At times we need expert’s advice and their skills in promoting and growing our business. Today let’s see Quora as a platform for marketing and promotions, It’s a knowledge-sharing platform, where there is presence of more educated users, It takes much effort to be the best in such a platform especially when you use that creating brand awareness.

Analyse these bias carefully in every aspect with respect to how quora work for business, 

  1. We often get into Survivorship bias and think we can do their work. Survivorship Bias bias says “People systematically overestimate their chances of success” which blind them and they realise it after consequences hit hard. It’s better to get expert advice when we use Quora for marketing and promotion purposes, (i.e find a better buying quora upvotes or quora optimisation service when you are determined to grow brand awareness on Quora.)
  1. We generally see others’ best work and when we confuse selection factors with results, we fall prey to what Mr Taleb calls the swimmer’s body illusion bias, without this illusion, half of the advertising campaign would not work. So, just by seeing some post with high upvotes, never get into conclusion early saying you can get more upvotes than a quora upvotes provider does.
  1. We watch some youtube videos, see some blogs, check some websites and get a mental picture of the inflow of upvotes, views and followers to our post in Quora.

Availability bias, says “we create a picture of the world using examples that most easily come to mind”. This is absurd because, in reality, things don’t happen frequently just because we conceive them easily. So expert knowledge comes handy when trends and popularity drive the user’s engagement resulting in a change in Quora’s algorithm.

  1. The illusion of control bias, says that we tend to believe that we can influence something over which we have no influence. For example, apart from a few strategies and techniques, we can’t influence or control upvotes and followers completely, and that’s where buy quora upvotes or quora optimisation services come into the picture.
  1. The Paradox of choice bias says “a larger selection leads to inner paralysis and a broader selection leads to a poorer decision” if you search there are 100’s of steps to improve quora post’s performance, and now trial and error won’t suffice the need and to find the best strategy for our niche and content, experts play a huge role.
  1. Association Bias, says our brain is a connection machine and we tend to associate information and name it knowledge at times, however, this also leads to false knowledge. The false connections are the work of the association bias, which influences the quality of our decisions. Especially when we are linking our past work and assume that we can do these things too without analysis over the platform like quora, the decision we make out of it will affect our brand and presence negatively.


When as a business we use social media/ Quora for creating brand awareness, marketing and promotional activities, we definitely need expert advice, not because of their presence but to get the most out of it and to grow business.

So next time when you use social media like quora for business purposes make sure you have these bias checklisted.