25 Creative Ways to market Your App for free of charge

For an ASO services company, App promotion has always been a troublesome task to try to to . you’ll develop an honest app but unless you create people download your app, you can’t earn profits and do a successful business. Gaining people’s attention may be a big task on its own. Especially considering the amount of competitors, this will be pretty challenging. There are around 1,000,000 apps within the play store and each app developer has an aim to ascertain his/her app within the top of the charts. With an equivalent goal in mind, we’ll allow you to realize 25 creative ways to market your app.
Social Networking: Social Network platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram are popular among people. About 90% of smartphone users are engaged in some or the opposite social networking sites. With an audience this big, it gives an exquisite platform to market your app. Any post or any announcement you create will reach many people, thus increasing your app’s visibility. Investments are low and therefore the outcomes are many.


Website: Having your own website is that the neatest thing to try to to when it involves app promotion. once you have an internet site of you own, you’re liberal to make creative content and it gives you all the platform that you simply got to promote your own. you’ll also communicate together with your audience during a better way along side that having an internet site ensures that you simply you’re your audience attracted and simultaneously gain trust and good name. And, the simplest perk is that websites provide your app gives you knowledgeable touch to your business.
Know your customer: one among the key steps for effective app promotion is knowing your customer. what proportion insignificant it sounds, this is often one among the bottom stones for your app business. Conduct online surveys and determine what users like and dislike about your app. Also get to understand what they expect from you. Knowing of these can assist you specialise in specific areas in app development.
Reach Out: There are always some people that love your work way an excessive amount of and these people matter once you believe advertising. Reaching bent these users can assist you strengthen your marketing core and may exponentially build your app’s trust factor. this may start small but the effect: it’ll be worthwhile .
Small intros: confirm that you simply don’t miss you any chance to market your app. Integrate your app’s brief description on your mail signatures otherwise you can even include it in your whatsapp or Instagram status. Start small. You never skills much impact this small step will bring.
Apply for rewards: Yes, albeit your app isn’t upto notch, you want to apply for awards and recognitions. The effect are going to be quite impactful. you’ll get free advertising in a number of the most important summits and even the participation factor will raise your app’s name. And if you win? Well well!
Design to perfection: What catches attention is that the app logo and therefore the UI. Spend tons of your time before you finalise on the app logo. If you undergo a number of the highest apps within the app store, you’ll observe a standard similarity. Yes, the logo. Every logo is straightforward yet great. maintaining the warmth , attempt to design something that grabs attention and which makes your app look professional.
Run a contest: Well, this is often not hard. Contest a selfie competition or move a step further and launch a drive to seek out talent through app development or writing. Results will surprise you and hey you’re getting all the promotions. Maybe your idea are often subsequent online movement.
Traditional Advertising: Nothing can match promotion platforms just like the old fashioned traditional advertising. It involves the utilization of medium like newspaper, magazines and handouts to advertise and promote your app. It also includes the utilization of digital media like TV ads to market your app. Creativity is that the key during this . you would like to draw in an outsized number of individuals and you’ve got tons of options and facilities to settle on from. Following the normal approach boosts your visibility multi fold and also helps you to realize trust and good name among people.
In-app Ads: this is often one among the less tapped ways to market your app. the method is straightforward . You collaborate with an another app, say a gaming app which can play your ad in between in-app use. This not only catches attention but also helps to spread your app’s name. this will help both you and your collaborator’s business.
Endorsements: Nothing can beat the impact of endorsements in promoting products. People follow their lovely superstars and celebrities. they need to steer in steps of their idols and that they attempt to follow their lifestyle and their habits. Endorsements make use of this popular following. By endorsing a star for promoting your app, you increase your app’s presence within the market. People come to understand about your app and this massive population of fans may additionally download your app. Endorsements have always been success and there’s no reason why you ought to not try endorsements.
Search Engine Optimization: this is often one among the foremost effective ways of promoting your app. Basically you optimize your app consistent with buzzing keywords and this increases the probabilities of your app coming within the top search leads to search engines. SEO has been in use for an extended time now. Developers depend upon this for advertising and why not. SEO has tremendous potential to urge you valuable users.
Video Teasers: Videos are the new trend today. only a few people have the patience to travel through newspapers or blogs and skim the lengthy paras. Blogs, no doubt, are one among the simplest ways for promotion but not many of us undergo them. Videos, however are found to indulge people. And that’s why video teasers are seen because the new mode of promotion for the masses. With an ingenious video and a reasonably good content, you’ll target an outsized number of individuals and hence gain the publicity you were aiming for.
Screenshots anyone?: Yes, the screenshots. Well, before the people have used your app, they take a fast glance on the screenshots. this is often the step which decides whether your app are going to be downloaded or no. So, update your App page and take wonderful and useful screenshots. Select these wisely as these are what offer you users.
A good description: Write a brief summary of your app and confirm the app description is creative and is in a position to grab the reader’s attention. an ingenious description can earn you a customer.
Join LinkedIn: LinkedIn may be a excellent spot to socialize and appearance for wonderful opportunities. Get to understand your competitors and once you get the hang of it, you’ll know what to try to to to earn more users.
Answer comments: Take a while to read the reviews and confirm you comment to a number of them a minimum of . this manner you’ll keep your users active plus you’ll improve your app by knowing the things that matters.
New Updates: Many apps within the app store are removed or get out of the competition due to inactivity. So, confirm that you simply roll out update on a daily basis.
Link social media: Add social media extension inside your app. this manner your users are going to be ready to share your app insights together with your friends on a much bigger scale and yes, the free promotion in fact .
Small Surprises: sometimes , you’ll announce free vouchers or gift cards for your users. Rewards sure attract people. it’s one among the simplest ways to urge audience.
Expand your reach: Leave no place untouched. Promote on facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest. Yes, why not? Zomato? Well! That’s up to you.
Share influence: Collaborate with developers and run app promotion together. Collabs are getting to be subsequent big thing within the app market. confirm you employ it too.
Referrals: Include a referral option on your app. this manner people can invite their friend to use your app too. to form things interesting, gift them unlocks or new items on your app. Sounds fair?
Internship: Yes, interns. There are tons of labor to try to to in app development and promotion. you’ll take some load off by hiring interns. Many students want experience and this is often an ideal opportunity for both of you. The interns can win you some audience by their circle or influence. If they end up to be too good, you’ll have a team member. It’s a win-win.
App Review websites: App review websites are undoubtedly one among the simplest means of promoting your app. These websites have relatively sizable amount of users and once you submit your app, your product gets seen by an outsized number of individuals . These people are your potential users and hence this will be one among the simplest means of promoting your app.